Disaster Planning: Don't forget about your Dog

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Disaster Planning: Don't forget about your Dog

The arguement for keeping your dog in your disaster or survival plan. 

While there is plenty of debate surrounding the pros and cons of taking your dog with you should a natural or man-made disaster strike, we'd like to make the case for why it's imperitive that pet owners include their dogs in any family disaster plan.


Some may argue that caring for your dog during a disaster/survival situation amounts to just another mouth to feed in a dog-eat-dog hierarchy of survival.

Dogs also make noise and could call unnecessary attention to your camp or home.

A dog accounts for one more life to keep track of.

While all those points may be true, we here at Way Out Pets believe that the pros far outweigh the cons.


First of all, when you take in a dog or puppy, you enter into a moral and ethical agreement to care for that animal to the best of your ability. Taking in a dog is your responsibility throughout its life. A dog who is treated well by its owners is not just a companion, but a loyal comrade.

Agreeing to be the caretaker for a dog is not something that should be entered into lightly nor should it be conditional.

The fact is – while dogs can be resourceful and resilient, they have been bred for thousands of years to be a human companion and often times, a protector and hunting partner. It's important to keep in mind -- dogs are no longer well suited for feral living.

In these situations, we are primarily addressing the concerns of taking a dog with you during a worldwide pandemic, grid failure, government collapse or invasion.

Aside from the moral quandries of discarding dogs during times of hardships, there are some solid advantages to having a dog by your side should things go south.

  • Loyal Companionship
  • Hunting partner
  • Protection

Still on the fence as to whether you should save your dog during a survival

Consider these points:

  • Dogs are much more able to eat questionable food that humans may discard for safety reasons
  • Dogs have a much shorter life spans than human
  • Contrary to popular modern belief, dogs actually can thrive on byproducts, so your dog can eat parts of an animal and food that humans will not
  • Part of what makes dogs unique is that they trust humans
  • Recent studies suggest that dogs can feel emotions such as joy and sadness. They are not something you should simply discard like worn out shoes.

Way Out Pets feels strongly that during isolated weather events in small geographical areas, no moral conflict should exist as to whether pet parents should save their pets. In these cases, saving your pets should not be voluntary. No pet deserves to suffer and/or die during a natural disaster because of their pet parent's lack of planning.

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