About Us

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment to animals." -- Immanuel Kant

Who We Are

Way Out Pets was inspired by an extraordinary rescue dog who made her way up north with her newborn puppies after experiencing a brutal life as a stray in the rural backroads of Tennessee. Even after experiencing the cruelty of being discarded by her previous humans, she exhibited nothing but gratitude, loyalty and endless affection towards us. A 2-year-old 40 lb. mixed breed, Cali was simply grateful to have a warm sofa to sleep on after spending months scavenging for food, suffering from starvation, flea infestations and mange. She was found on the side of the road with open sores on her body, after just giving birth to a litter of pups. The organization who rescued her said that while the puppies were taking a toll on her declining health, she was an excellent mother who put their needs above hers.

As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for us to become hooked. When we first met Cali, she jumped into our arms, her lethal, swinging tail hitting our leg like a whip -- we knew she was meant for us. Food, some pets, and long walks were all she asked for in return for unconditional loyalty and gratitude.

Our instant bond (along with some separation anxiety on her part) lead us to start taking Cali on our errands and excursions when and where it made sense. It worked out well as she is outgoing and social and loves riding in the car. Taking her on hikes and the pet store turned out to be “get out of the house” therapy for both us. The more we took Cali with us, the more we looked for products to help facilitate our spontaneous and planned outings. We bought a dog pack for Cali so she could share in the responsibility of carrying supplies. She didn’t mind. However, sourcing these items started to become time consuming. We found that we had to order from multiple sources to get the items we needed. Further, very little information was available to fully educate ourselves to make truly informed decisions on what items would work best for which situation we needed them for.

This further got us thinking -- should a natural or man-made disaster strike – while I had "survival" plans for my family -- what plan did I have in place to care for Cali during such an event?

What if the power went out from a terrible storm or there was a power grid failure and stores were closed? What if we were displaced by flooding? While some people may not put much thought into their pet’s survival, choosing instead to focus on their human companions instead, we feel that by taking Cali and other animals into our home, we accepted the responsibility to care for these animal to the best of our abilities, for the rest of their lives. That means we will not abandon her as others have. She deserves more. Should a natural disaster or catastrophic event strike us, we feel it’s of the utmost importance to my family’s mental well-being to maintain as much normalcy as possible. For us, that includes our furry friends.

And so, Way Out Pets was born – a website which offers pet owners the ability to travel, hike, camp and plan for their pet’s safety with reasonably priced tools along with educational resources to help pet owners make the best decisions about what products will fit their needs.

So, go out with your pet. Go way out with your pet and explore the unknown. Take new paths, take the road less traveled so long as those journeys always include our family and our best friends.